[RESOLVED] Yuuji's Administrative Requests
Hello, I need the following tags and/or perms:

- Senior Community Advisor
- Multimedia
- Fire Department of San Andreas

I confirm that he's a member of the Multimedia Team and a member of FDSA
[Image: rOJfWfd.png]

[Image: nJfXyAw.png]
Pending Public Relations staff to confirm you are a CA
-Chaos, Director of Community Inquires
[Image: fOWRXQt.png]
[Image: qZoHYfk.png]

He is a Senior Community Advisor for OC timezone, I can vouch for him.

Alice Rodriguez
Chief Community Advisor


Tags given, closed, moved.
[Image: fOWRXQt.png]
[Image: qZoHYfk.png]

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