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  2. Despite our disagreements, it's sad to see a giant leaving the community. Thanks for contributing to the server.
  3. It was a good run man. Respect.
  4. Vamos


    Hope to talk to you in the future Mitch, you have been a great asset over the past few months, take it easy and keep on going! Peace
  5. Sad to see you go, a real asset to NGG and URL. Good luck in the future, TTFN!
  6. Kalash!


    Appologise accepted mitchy boy one of the coolest lads I met on this version of NGG, good luck in life bro
  7. Well fellas, end of the road for me. I have self disbanded URL and I'm leaving, this time for good. I'm not going to make any of those long ass respect list, goodbye or whatever threads.. this is the only one. I will stick around forums for a bit, if someone got questions or whatever ask them here I will answer them.. perhaps it's worth mentioning that I'm also hanging a mouse when it comes to samp.. I've been on ngg for 8 years, on samp roughly 10 years.. that's it from me. Regarding those who I met here on V3 and I didn't know on V1, or didn't know good enough... well, some of you guys were actually legit, so pop ups to that.. but once again, no names mentioned.
  8. I love you Santi. @Santiago_Valentino
  9. Today
  10. K-LSR?

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  11. Instead of writing this you could be more productive and offer solutions to how we can fix the issues, but ya'll don't wanna have that conversation yet...
  12. sadly you guys won't understand lyrics.
  13. Exactly. players FOCUS on points/turfs, I'd suggest removing or lowering the number of points!
  14. Hahahahaha 

  15. K-LSR?

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  16. edit: I acually listen to alot of random shit ___
  17. LUCAS' RESPECT LISTS 1.Santiago Valentino (Leader for most OOC Jails 56 times!)
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