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  2. Whats the point in transferring content over why don't you just use your 2nd account considering this one only has 8 posts and we can just namechange your 2nd one.
  3. Sir @sixxy can you assist me to transfer it?
  4. The DD's missing can be re-issued.
  5. pure bullshit season just started and the highest rank atm is 1400+ idiot
  6. Guest

    Selling cheap cars

    Selling x3 Huntley`s and one Rancher all for 1 million
  7. Hat cant be moved up or down and this tiger sticker cant become thicker like other toys when editing
  8. Player has been prisoned for Powergaming.
  9. Ralph Higgins is set to be Prisonned for Power Gaming for 20 minutes.
  10. Reward tokens are given randomly and your not guaranteed one every time.
  11. Hello admins I got those 2custom toys (White Hat and that sticker on bp)yesterday, this aint cheap but those 2toys I took when I start editing them they are too bad and almost not working to apply it on my skin properly like I have imagined. If please, you could remove them from me and add 2 toys that I found and will fit my skin, please, this aint cheap.
  12. @yumi is that screenshot with /Rewards and /time.?
  13. Mark


    Any one playing rift ?
  14. Its good to see you back and yes we are, hope to interact with you in game soon!
  15. There was no RP being done in the first place, this is just a screenshot of you asking for a buddy invite
  16. Today
  17. There is no purchase made by you, closed.
  18. Glad server and URL are back. Used to be part of URL back in 2013/2014 and stopped playing. Just wondering if yous are taking new people (am good at drifting mostly) Thanks
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