Official Server Launch
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Launch Date: 14/02/2020

We are pleased to announce a date for our official SAMP server launch. Many hours have been put in to make this possible, and it wouldn't of been possible with our great staff team. I would like to give credits to Vamos and RoyBrank especially for their work they have done on the script. The rest of the staff team have been working behind closed doors, preparing the different departments so that they will be ready for the launch. We couldn't have done it without our staff team.

The server launch was going to be delayed 2 weeks due to some issues, but after talking with Vamos and not wanting to let down the players waiting to get on, we have agreed to launch it on our expected date from the beginning (mid Feb), and deal with any issues we will have thereafter.

Make NGG great again!

Great job guys!

Good work. Thanks to everyone in the admin team! Your work does not go unnoticed!
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Ready for the Launch everyone?!
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Good work guys .. hope the server will back to the old days 800/800 player online ?

Can't wait!

I will be there for sure.
Glad to see you guys back Much love

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