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  2. Did the TS3 srv die forever?
  3. Happy new year to everyone! There will be scheduled maintenance on the 29th of January which will start at 3PM UK time, while I move us to a new server, I suspect the down time will be minimal and at best at an hours tops.
  4. Kolia

    vor V* zakone not vorazkone btw

    1. Jin


      u gonna say me how its the name when my daddy was real vor ? i just type the name how people gonna like they see it.

    2. Kolia


      Your daddy washes socks just so he wouldn’t get his ass beat by vors maybe, closest to being a real  vor

  5. Miss the mandem and the tunisians

    Was a good run, hope everyone doing aight

  6. Re-Launch NGG Make it great again Dear Board of Directors & Managment, Hey, it's been a while no see I hope you all doing pretty well ! Let's get into the main discussion, alrighty first of all I would like to introduce myself I am Joe Friday known by (Alessandro Abano, Siamo Xi, Jerry Riggins, Alexandro Abano) I have been playing SA:MP since 2009, the beginnging of it's first version, I remember my days in Sna Fierro at Pier 69 delivering pizza and having fun (I still have my keyboard's up-arrow broken) I had a lot of fun since the beginning and I had a very very long journey learning and meeting a lot of people, I miss the days .. I .. I really do. I remember the days when I used to attend points with The Company, The Commission, Mobs etc etc.. going to SF Docks points, I miss getting prisoned by Cardle the admin when I was a noob roleplayer, I miss spending 30 minutes working as a trucker to get 10 bullets for my 9.m.m, I really do. I remember the days when Executive Admins used to use RP names and rp around to catch-up some offenders, I remember when everyone respects me when I say I am an NGG player. I miss the days when gangs used to gather up all together and do Bat fights and roleplay in a very perfect way, but lately before the shutdown, the server been living in hard conditions, people breaking rules, admins using their perms on their rp accounts, exploiting perks, exploiting bugs, in-activity and abscence of admins, existance of bugs, all of these issues made everything easy for players, I remember creating an new account.. I reached level 5 and I had 50,000,000$ within 5 hours of playing. NGG was struggling.. Economy was struggling, if you want an advice from an old player who survived and got over all of these issues? -Make ammo limited (People would work to get it so the Jobs system will work great, people will stop Random Shooting, Dm'ing..) -Make complementary jobs in 2 cities (Trucker & Pilot & gangs so people will become eligible to rob out of vision and roleplay properly by having a space) -Add more gang points between LS-LV-SF so the mouvement of the player around the map will be divided instead of having all in one place. -Make a forum event for gangs (Criminals of the month) = (Award will be giving to the best gang members whom been involved into heavy criminal rp scenarios) -Keep up the events (Make it rare and often so it will represent the huge announcement of gathering like zombie events etc.) -Drugs, Money, Weapons, Materials (Puttable into trunks so people will roleplay more and more) -Remove the Thief job since it's the source of rp breaking (Imagine standing in a mid of rp scene with bunch of people and someone comes in and /pickpocket's you.. all you will see is gunshots..) -Focus on a perfect MultiMedia team so they will keep everyone up to date with the latest news in a very perfect way. -Admin selection must be professional, mature, been playing for more than 5 years. -Work harder on a heavy rp economy so each dollar would worth pain and hard working (if a player could achieve everything in 1 month, nothing would be interesting for him/her anymore because they won't have anything to do with their assets, so they will just quit simply.) -Keep hopes on ( I'd suggest to launch the server again and keep it locked till 1st of january we all know that 2020 is the worst year ever, so if i'm opening samp to play on any other servers and I notice that NGG is up but locked till 1st of January I'd say let's check forums to check up what's the new so I stick by and re-join.) -Put more missions, more tasks, more creativity more efforts on multiple stuff so you will see more people coming in working to accomplish these new missions. couple of last words to say.. Thank you everyone for being a part of my journey on NGG.. I hope this message goes directly to the right people I mentionned, And please know that if you really think that this won't work, I'd like to act generous and pay for a host till the next year 31 december 2021 just keep it open and see how it goes. Thank you for your attention attention! Sincerly, Joe Friday
  7. Lets hop on ts or discord and roast the shit outta kenway

    1. Leeroy


      @Kenway? pfft that faggots not worth my time

    2. Danny Holmes
    3. Kenway
  8. gandu

    1. Danny Holmes

      Danny Holmes

      tameez kahan gayi tumhari?

    2. SamRyland


      bech diya taaki ussi cash se ngg ko ddos kar paayu

  9. Can't help but pop around every now and then, NGG the place it all started.
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