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  1. You guys made NGG Great again !
  2. In the name of christ please give us credits
  3. Maybe we chose the wrong time to spend credits on
  4. Garcia

    Corona Virus

    It will be abused a lot.. so yeah..
  5. Garcia


    light a cig
  6. We're bringing the old good days back ♥ [/img]
  7. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
  8. You are doing great job guys, Bring back old days !! Supported ♥
  9. You got my support, Good luck bro
  10. Well, I'm an Hip-Hop Artist but I don't get that much attention I just wanted to show you guys my latest song and give me your opinion, The song is in Arabic but I added English Subtitles, Tell me what do you think ♥
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