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  1. executive apprentices in their natural habitat

    moe smiling.jpg

    1. Behemoth


      i dont even get this



    1. Behemoth


      Heil mein fuhrer

  4. Hello guys! As previously teased in my previous thread, we are going to have a series of international-themed event from now on, the first one being the WAE. In honor of the foundation of the Western Province of this country, we are going to organize a series of Australian themed events. Friday, June 12th: On Friday, we are going to organize in all three timezones several western Australian-themed, from TDM's in the desert parts of San Andreas, to several Hide and Seek in our own replica of the Australian Outback! Saturday, June 13th: On this day, we are going to launch several social media events, so be sure to check our social networks for future events! Sunday, June 14th: On the last day of this event, we are going to host several Racing Events, across the more desertic parts of San Andreas. In all three time-zones, we are going hand out several important prizes to all winners, as well as announcing them on the forums and on our social media. We hope to see you there, mate! About this celebration: This Australian regional holiday is celebrated on the first Monday in June. The Western Australia Day used to be known as Foundation Day and commemorates the day that the first European settlers arrived in Western Australia to found the Swan River Colony on 1 June 1829. In 1832, Stirling decided that an annual celebration was needed to unite the colony's inhabitants, including both settlers and Aborigines and "masters and servants". He decided that the commemoration would be held on 1 June each year (or if a Sunday, on the following Monday), the date originally planned by Stirling for Parmelia's arrival in recognition of the first and greatest British naval victory over the French in 1794, the "Glorious First of June". The holiday was celebrated as Foundation Day up until 2011; in 2012 it was renamed Western Australia Day as part of a series of law changes recognising Aboriginal Australians as the original inhabitants of Western Australia.
  5. lol as i was writing my reply to him you sent your reply hahaha

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      hahaha great minds think alike

  6. tbh you might want to check out ip logs for those _Valentinos, low levels shitload of complaints in one day(I got dmed/kosed by them as well)... probably made alt to break rules imo

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