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  1. Why you denied it, I'm trying my best to find some proofs, would you give me some time..

  2. what shittalk? just facts ive put in that os app!

    1. Obie Jones

      Obie Jones

      Oh no no, u got it wrong. Will talk to you on discord XD

  3. Check this out Obbbb


  4. I know him been now a long time, thats Why I did vouch for him :) , what ever I gave my opinion

  5. You gonna vouch for my OS right pilot

    1. Obie Jones

      Obie Jones

      Most likely sir

  6. i give u the purest form of love

    1. Van Davenport

      Van Davenport

      you sound like a creep get off my profile 

  7. wassup obie jones!

    1. Obie Jones

      Obie Jones

      Hi hi man. How you been?

    2. Holmes


      pretty good actually.. hope you and your family are doing great as well..

      time flies like crazy man !

    3. Obie Jones

      Obie Jones

      Thanks man we're all good. Yeah time flies mad fast.

  8. Obie are you still in contact with John Machiavelli? The one from Bulgaria. 

    1. Obie Jones

      Obie Jones

      No man but I can look for his contact in my Hangouts messages

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