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  1. So accurate, I once had managed to stay alive for a whole two days without doing any gunfight and played like 4 hours daily and that was really fun, rp servers arent about guns and gunfights
  2. Even my last reply which I spat on ur butthurt ass is a fact, the community doesnt care about u either, we all having fun insulting ur ass its even much funnier than logging ig and rping
  3. Congratz on winning the prize of the most toxic person in the whole cummunity, people like you are a hole in the ass
  4. Did u really expect the playerbase to rise after easing the lockdown in every country ?
  5. irl i dont need a newspaper to read the news and I dont have to go to any news agency to place any advertisement, all I need is a phone and that's how it currently works in NGG, the DD idea to place an ads is implemented in another rp server whose script sucks but still lucky it has a huge playerbase full of idiots, we dont want ngg to turn into it
  6. Hurt

    Money Heist

    I've been thinking of this idea since days and was about to suggest it lol, i was thinking of making the bank a branch of the government as u just said, or maybe enforce liberalism and make banks businesses owned by the richest players in the server and make it possible to get a loan from a bank ( for lvl 10+ players and people who have more than 20m as total wealth ) the maximum limit of the loan shouldn't surpass 5-10m, interest is always considered. But I personally think that this will be abused and won't work on the server, /just an idea/.
  7. Hurt

    /number cmd removal

    the main idea of my suggestion is the removal of /number cmd to avoid MG and enforce rp but there must be a way for people to talk oocly ig , keeping it all ic would make alot of people quit and that's why i've suggested the /pm cmd by the way there's already a way to add numbers to your phone's contact list by using the cmd /phone, this was implemented since the start of the server i guess
  8. I suggest that each vehicle have a registration card which can be bought and renewed, each two weeks or even more, outside of the city hall, same as the firearm license(the money paid for the registration card goes directly to the government's locker). Driving a vehicle without a registration card or which has an expired one gets the driver ticketed by the LSPD's patrol officers and the vehicle has to be towed, there must be a cmd like /showcarid [playerid] [carid] to show the registration card of the vehicle to another player. When a player gives their friend the keys of their vehicle using /givekeys then the "friend'' should be able to use the cmd /showcarid to show the registration card of the vehicle ( VIP vehicles and shipment trucks are not considered). This is a "general" idea of this suggestion, it can be improved so I want to hear from you all. @Rav @Hector
  9. That's why im suggesting this
  10. NO! even irl you can't know someone's name by just knowing his phone number, that's considered as a leakage of personal informations.
  11. Hurt

    /number cmd removal

    i would prefer calling an ooc backup over /f to bring a whole gang to help me than calling it over /pm to bring one single player, there's no solution to stop the ooc backup since it can be done in many ways other than /pm, this update would make cellphones useful and it would prevent people from mg'ing others' numbers via /number cmd.
  12. Hurt

    /number cmd removal

    I already mentioned that this cmd should be disabled while being cuffed or tied etc... To avoid ooc backup
  13. Hurt

    /number cmd removal

    I don't see any difference between abusing /pm or /sms to ask for the things you listed above, the only difference is that this update will make the cellphones more useful and will prevent people from mg'ing others' numbers
  14. Hurt

    /number cmd removal

    Don't just throw a NO without an explanation
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