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  1. It was a great run tbh, I appreciate being apart of NGG since 2012/2013 until today. We had fun in the past and we also did once it was brought back on February. I'd like to thank each and everyone from the Administration Team aswell as each and every player I've got to meet and have fun with. Thank you all guys ❤ And a big Thank you to @Jason for his trust since the day one I reinstated, you are a great pal ^^
  2. Quote

    You don't speak speak about him as a "he" while you're saying that you're the only one using that IP.

    When did I say that? Please read my comment once more.

    The decision to ban someone for, apparently, "trolling" was just so irrational for someone who only did this once and immediately got banned right away as if he's hacking.

    So if someone else is using the same IP and gets banned. Everyone using the same IP is involved too? Is that why I was fired for "having the same Ip with someone trolling"

    1. Addison Swagger

      Addison Swagger

      You're a CA which is a staff position within our community, I'm truly surprised from what you did.

      If you would like to appeal it, appeal it with Jason, Its up to him to forgive you or nah since he was the one banning you.

  3. Yo,admi i'm Viktor Palokaj i got banned and i dont care for that acc so, i said dont banned my ip,socan you unbanned my ip?


  4. check my refund request please

  5. there is miscalculated on 2nd reply



    1. Addison Swagger

      Addison Swagger

      Nah - the refund is 20% of TW
      For HZ, we x10 and then take 20%

  6. Where is his weapon animation when the bullets shot?

    1. Addison Swagger

      Addison Swagger

      You posted a 6sec video which I reviewed multiple times and with multiple admins and we didn't get to see anything wrong, if You have any clear evidence or you will feel my deicison wasn't fair, you may feel free to post a Complaint Appeal.

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