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  1. you are very unloyal to ngg

  2. Hey! Am I late to vouch on your COS application? 😂

  3. Hope you stick around, if just on the forums. I gots plans for this place.
  4. Jason

    doesn't work just add me Jason#1526

  5. Lue

    yo, add me new discord 420worldosrs#7422

  6. 3rd party project, as far as I know that place has been around for a few years already. It's not an official continuation, just another community ran by Aachen.
  7. Hope it's not a true goodbye. If you don't plan on keeping an eye here, add me on Discord.
  8. It's been a hella long 10 years since NGG was created, and at the same time, it seems like yesterday I joined, all the friends I've met over time, no matter the fate of NGG, was worth it. Being a part of every iteration of this community (2008>>2010>>2018>>2020), I've always had high hopes for this place, I'll speak personally, it wasn't because of the script, the features etc, it's the people, period. The friends and associates we've all made within the last decade, makes it all count. Some enemies, some friends, some best friends. So, like I said, besides all the trial and error, this place, even only in it's name will live on for quite some time. Continuing on, and I realize I'm not exactly spilling a secret here, the SA:MP server is being officially discontinued. If it was up to a select people, including myself, it would have remained online for a month as a free-for-all, but the decision was made. I hope the memories and new people met were worth way more than what you have achieved in-game, whether money, level, business, whatever-have-you. So, now to talk a bit about the future of this place, I am glad to announce these forums and Discord will remain online permanently, as a sort of shrine towards the past ten years. I am planning development on them as we speak, and by the end, it will be a place to come and keep in touch, chat generally, and perhaps in the future we will even consider hosting 3rd party gaming servers. My current vision for this place, is for it to become a general hub for gaming, where the server hosters and players get a voice that can be heard from the mountain tops. I want to make it completely up to each and every one of you to make these two roads of communication a strong one, one that can keep the NGG name alive, even if just as a place to all come and chat. My words aren't the best tonight, as it's been a long work day. If any of you want to talk to me about the plans for this place, I implore you to contact me on Discord at Jason#1526, PMs are and have always been open. I'll be looking forward to hear from some of you, and continue to hear from all the people that have always made this place possible. Yours truly, That Canadian Guy aka Sharke Special thanks to @Addison Swagger, @Matt Honest, @Vinnie, @Jenny, @Schamens, @Bobby, @Kebab, @Wolf and the rest of the admin team and players for making the day-to-day of our best days possible.
  9. Hey, could you take another look at the HoF thread? I haven't received the in-game rank yet and I think there are some more people waiting. Thanks :)

    1. Jason


      Will do, give me another 24 hours, gives me until I get off work tomorrow night. Or if I remember before work, I'll do it then.

    2. Jason


      Should be good now.

    3. Sammy Freeman

      Sammy Freeman

      Nice, thanks a lot. Appreciate it.

  10. Late but; RALPH LAUREN TOM ; EU FC.

    1. Jason


      Applications are closed now. Besides, I think you'll be busy with admin stuff.

  11. Bull

    Glad to see you back in charge, happy reinstatement bro ❤️

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