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  1. Hello and welcome to a new era of Next Generation Gaming. Development are searching for quality and experienced Mappers to join our Mapping Team. As we redesign Los Santos and remove older mapping, we are shifting our focus to quality over quantity, meaning we don't want to see large compounds with high external walls and watch towers etc. Please be prepared to supply: The Mapping program you use (E.G. Map Editor/MTA SA etc) How much experience you have 2 X Interiors 2 X Exteriors The requirements are as follows: Must be 18 years of age Must have a working microphone Must be prepared to work under a time frame Must have TeamSpeak 3 Must have Discord Upon successful appointment, Mapping Team members will receive credits to spend at the Next Generation Shop. The amount of credits will be decided based on the size of the project and the amount of objects. Other awards will be issued on a case-by-case basis for exceptional, attractive work. If you believe you have what it takes to apply - please follow the link HERE Cheers, Pearson Chief Mapper
  2. Contact me on TS tomorrow please

  3. found an old ss of u


    1. Pearson


      Damn dude when was this? 

    2. Thomas Freeman

      Thomas Freeman

      forgot man. i think it was when we had server 2 and shit like that.

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