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  1. Wade

    Ay man, where you gone? Get on discord.

  2. If we can focus on giving player's/gangs more to do with one another between point's/turf's I feel like we could get a consistent game loop going for our currently bored DMing community. Would help keep them from being bored and reeking havoc on the more tame RP'rs that prefer not to get randomly shot on the street. Just need to get a few player triggered events in game like bank robberies or crate convoys that can get gangs and factions interacting more that'l fill in the point/turf cool down time that gangs seem to spend sitting around doing nothing. Currently player's just point/turf and paintball, would be cool adding in some variety in game play involving say multiple factions/gangs with vehicles and moving objective's over everything just being a stationary DM point.
  3. Green tag, congratulations mate!

    1. Rob


      Thank’s fam

  4. I understand the want for more player's, but please make those who are banned post ban appeal's on the forums... a lot of us regular player's would really hate to see the return of repeat offender's when it come's to rule breaking. It's been a pretty big issue having player's just shooting people randomly in the street because they'd get a slap on the wrist 20min/hour jail punishment for it and that's about it. Don't undo all the work the staff and community members have put in to try and rid the server of toxic player's who treat NGG like a DM server. For the staff structure some simplifying could definitely be done here. Currently it's a pain trying to get someone with the right authority to deal with helping player's with issues or bugs. Most admins just answer reports with "not a high enough level admin on atm" If someone's been trusted enough to be admin then we should be giving them access to as much as possible so they can be as useful as possible. (Yes Junior Admins would have to deal with restrictions to ensure new staff don't abuse the system but for anyone trusted enough as a General Admin or higher should have access to pretty much most things) Even Server Moderator's could use a few extra basic commands so they can have the ability to help, SM's currently can spec, kick, jail and answer /newb questions. I'd recommend allowing them to be able view /report's as well for when no admin staff are online and have the ability to tp player's to VIP or the spawn and also be able to freeze/unfreeze them. I get a lot of people complaining in /v theyre frozen somewhere with no one answering their report and we can't do anything about it.
  5. congrats on server moderator rob!!!

  6. Rob

    "She beat me to death with a dildo while I danced my heart out" - 5 stars

  7. Rob

    No idea what you're talking about @Darkson the admins are never afk on this server ?
    In @Kenway's defense he did tab back in immediately after this message and weapon banned some RDMing scrubs.


    1. Kenway


      mate i logged out there testing a gate then i logged back in and was issuing a punishment for an fc :)

    2. Rob


      You know I'm just teasing you ? keep up the good work man

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