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  1. Closed before this is turned into a witch hunt, if anyone has valid complaints please make a complaint using the correct Forms and we can review them.
  2. Thanks for providing a flag, Tunisia is a fantastic country, my good friend Mike Hanzo is from this glorious place.
  3. I encourage you to show me proof of corruption, I am all for removing and cracking skulls in if I have evidence. I do however like them commands you've mentioned, so I will get the dev team to look into adding them back.
  4. i was very happy until this comment, made me sad
  5. PM me on Discord Matt Honest#7777

  6. Directors Comment Thanks for your post, I strongly suggest you remove this copyrighted image of Donald Trump before we forward the lawsuit to your address. Many thanks Matt & The Executive Team
  7. Due to the new EU General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) we are unable to do this. jokes we maybe can do this and get it back in
  8. I wish I could be move involved in the community, trying my best! I do love the community
  9. We are looking at alternative things for CA's to do, we have a custom script already developed that can only do falling, advertisement, name change and a few other type of reports, aswell as spec / jail/kick. We call this ScottMod, it was designed for our admin Scot Goodman.
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