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  1. Mitch


    Appreciate everyone who has commented, honestly overwhelmed.
  2. Mitch


    For sure still gonna be around, but for now just need to take a step back. Appreciate the words bro.
  3. Mitch


    I apologise you didn't get the house you wanted, wish you the best.
  4. Mitch


    Despite what I may be going through, I've made sure every current event in place will follow through. I'll still be guiding Brazil and anyone else that runs into troubles from behind the scenes.
  5. Mitch


    I was just going to leave in silence, but I thought I should address some things. I've decided to quit. I've got some real life issues I need to deal with. Though I blame myself for the decrease in player population, I have one last favour I ask from this community, addressed below. I'll still be around helping from behind the scene, but for now, I need to step away whilst I figure out some personal issues. [Please Read] NGG isn't dying and the development/administrative team has big plans in store for the future after taking in all the player feedback from the recent weeks regarding the incline of players, certain admins on the team, bugs, etc. This is just my message to the community. We, the players build this community. A perfect stable roleplay server isn't something that can be achieved in a day. There's going to be up and down moments, issues within the administration team and other aspects regarding how the server operates. All I'm asking is don't be apart of that domino effect and talk down the server like it's simply just ''dead''. It leads to others just giving up after seeing the influx of messages regarding that topic, instead you should be investing that energy towards trying to make a change for the server as a good percent of you players in the community actually have detrimental ideas that could help benefit the server. Please don't give up, help make a change, together. Appreciate you all, I wish I could've done a better job but please don't give up with the community, you ARE the community. Without you guys, none of this would've been possible to begin with. You guys have done amazing things for us since the reopening and I thank you all for contributing one way or another. There is still hope, don't feed off the negativity. Work together as a community and help to amend the issues we're currently facing. (Note: I'm not vanishing, I just have to take a step back an reevaluate my life, thanks once again)
  6. Bidding ends 24 hours from this post
  7. Please keep this thread on topic as people are getting sidetracked. Regarding the server name and hosted tab, I've brought it up to Honest again and he'll be looking into it. The mindset that solving deathmatch with deathmatch is the only justifiable way is only adding to the domino effect rather helping solve the issue. The script is constantly being worked on and the features added are requested from the community a good majority of the time, though some functionality behind certain jobs need updating, it's hard to work on a script that has had so many people touch it in the past. You fix one thing, another breaks, which is why you have to credit Rav with the amount of work he's put in for free, along side all the other bug fixes that isn't seen in the community eye. If you want to see more jobs/features added, you can make a thread in development proposals (Click Here) and depending on the community feedback, it'll be added on the list of things to do. If you run into any issues / bugs, you can post a bug report and they usually get looked at within the day (Click Here).
  8. This doesn't help man. You should offering up constructive criticism on how the server can improve rather being petty for no reason. Appreciate everyone else who has kept it level headed and everything has been noted down.
  9. Agreed, I believe you can't tab your prison sentence anymore either. Though the whole warning aspect doesn't work well with the mentality of some players who get on 2 warnings and say fuck it ''how long is a 3 warning ban'', which is why I extend weapon restrictions and such for over 5-10 hours depending on the person and situation, same goes with prison time. On a note of roleplay standards, we're working on trying to improve the standards with bringing back gang leader of the month properly, with actual rewards as incentive. The roleplay showcase event is currently being hosted with some really nice rewards too, which will be nice to see the community get involved. The reinstatement of ARC is coming very soon which will help put forward ideas coming from the community itself that can help benefit every aspect of the server, whether it be script/policy changes or new ways to create incentive to RP.
  10. What you stated is completely true, however as you said, majority of the server uses cleos and banning them would put us in the same boat. The anticheat is being worked on in order to mitigate this issue. Lately I've been catching people and freezing them and telling them off, forcing them to log out and delete their hacks whilst also admin flagging them as ''Aimbot User [Last Warning]'' If they fail to comply and don't log out, they get banned and can appeal. Although my method might be odd, since doing so to certain players, they haven't received any complaints regarding aimbot. I take full responsibility regarding my method as in my opinion, our community isn't as established compared to the others but keep in mind I'm the only one doing this, so the blame would be on me. Considering the majority do use cleos, we have to come up with ways to alter their mindset to just stop using them in the first place till we have an anticheat in place that efficiently stops people from using such. I believe we're also working on a hacking investigator team that will help improve the verdict on some cases brought forward regarding legit players and confirmation on what modification they may be using.
  11. I, myself apologise on behalf of the entire NGG staff team regarding certain matters that have been handled poorly and we're honestly working each day to improve the server. I do agree the staff team needs reevaluating and I've brought this up in the last head staff meeting, though will be pushing for this once again. As for the person who was fined 9m, he's already been told by myself he'll be refunded. Regarding this ''dying community'' talk, although you all have free will to your opinion, it doesn't help when you all bandwagon together and talk down a community that you, the players built in the first place. We all make mistakes for certain judgements and nobody is perfect, but to say the community is dead due to certain aspects is the reason why more people leave, it only adds to the problem rather helping it. My point is, we shouldn't be going straight to the point of ''the community is dead'' but instead help discuss ways to fix the issues we're facing. We shouldn't be trashing the community but rather taking a stand together and actually voice constructive criticism in terms of how we could continue to build and grow, despite how old the game is or the pandemic we're going through, that shouldn't and isn't the sole reason why people are leaving. Nothing last's forever, but it's up to all of us to maintain it. I'd love for everyone to get involved and discuss their concerns and ideas on how to actually improve the server standards in every aspect, but please keep it constructive and respectful towards other staff members and players when doing so. We're all here to have fun at the end of the day, we shouldn't be pushing each other apart when we can all work together as a community to fix these issues.
  12. You can use the video and then continue with a story / rp showcase underneath, you're not forced to constantly update although it will be taken into consideration when judging as it shows true dedication. It also allows people to extend their theme / showcase if they wish too. The reasoning behind this was also because the prize pool has been upgraded a few tiers compared to the last one.
  13. Doesn't that give you a headache lol
  14. Well said man, each day we're working on new sinks regarding in game currency, drugs, materials and other assets that are currently flooded on the server. I also encourage you to apply for ARC if you haven't already as you seem to be well informed. (Click here) On the topic of vehicles Sakura brought up, before I reinstated, dealerships had infernus' for $90,000 along with other vehicles that shouldn't be that cheap. Every dealership vehicle price was adjusted to fit the current economy whilst also trying to sink money at the same time due to the server taking a % of each car bought from a dealership whilst also giving it a feel of accomplishment when you finally save up enough for a certain vehicle. I do however feel the credit cost for vouchers should be raised and I believe the in game ngg shop is being reworked to improve such. Business Management is being implemented soon and this will give room for the designated team to focus on proper vehicle prices in comparison to credits / car vouchers whilst also working on the fact that almost every dealership have the same car for sale. Any suggestions to help improve the business side of things are welcomed.
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