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  1. You have been chosen as one of the Official Candidate for the Presidential Elections 2020. UPDATE FOR THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS
  2. I am really sorry about the sounds issue. On my end it was super loud but when I uploaded it, that's the output. I am trying to look for the problem. Again, I apologize.
  3. You have been chosen as one of the Official Candidates for the Presidential Elections 2020. Good luck!
  4. The Golden Gloves Boxing Event has been moved to April 4th. See you there! REGISTER NOW!
  5. Marco

    NGG & COVID-19

    Let's help each other and prevent spreading the virus by staying at home. Stay safe everyone!
  6. Everyone can use whatever skill they have as long as there's no weapons involved inside the ring.
  7. Golden Gloves Boxing Event Dear NGG Players, the Department of Game Affairs is happy to announce an in-game event called "Golden Gloves" that will be held on the 28th day of March 2020. Introducing the Golden Gloves Boxing Event on Next Generation Gaming Network. Fight to your hearts content and face multiple opponents in the ring and bring yourself to a glorious victory and lots of cash! Interested fighters need to fill out and submit this FORM to be considered as registered fighter who will get a slot in the tournament. Check the schedule per each timezone below and find the best time for you to fight. Fight Schedules: Oceanic Timezone, European Timezone and North American Timezone **You would see a poster**
  8. Getting into The League:
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