Mass Unban, Dynamic Group Update, LS Redesign & More

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Two weeks ago, I revealed that we are considering a number of changes to improve the server experience. Among these are a one-time mass ban wipe, a redesigned dynamic group system and a large-scale influx of new mapping in the main player hubs of Los Santos. We have kept quiet about our progress thus far, but we intend to release everything in this post on Saturday, August 15, if development continues on track.

Simultaneously, we will host server-wide events like zombies and other favorites in the upcoming weeks. Rest assured, we have been productively and consistently at work behind the scenes to frame a more engaging RP experience. We will continue to provide updates and do our best in responding to all feedback from current players, returning players and new players alike, in a timely and respectful manner.

If you were banned before July 27, 2020 of this year, your ban will be lifted by the end of the day on Friday, August 14. We encourage you to spread the word, let your friends know and come start something new on NGG!


For years, players have raised concerns about the lack of opportunity for civilian RP and organization. There are strong pressures to align with an official faction or gang, even just to make use of some of the game's most basic functions like deploying cones. In many cases, this restricted enthusiastic groups of players from fulfilling their personal visions on the server, instead relying on Game Affairs and slow admins to approve their ideas. Thanks to @Winterfield's ingenuity, this system has been redesigned. The dynamic group update will allow all types of players—criminal, civil service, or business—to create their own group as they see fit, and to appropriately expand its functionality to fit its purpose, independently via the script. We also hope this will encourage players, new or returning, to play the server with their friends and freely create their own IC organizations.


A group can be created by any player for a fee of $300,000 (this fee may be adjusted). At least five players must accept invitations to join this group before it is created, and any group with fewer than five individuals will be deleted automatically. Before deployment this weekend, we are implementing measures to ensure throwaway accounts do not create temporary groups to break rules. An admin warning will also appear to ensure that all names are appropriate. The group creation process, for the player and the admin, will appear like so:


Upon creating a group, members will be accorded basic functionality, such as:

  • The ability to use /f.
  • The ability to deposit to and withdraw from a group vault, which can also be used for group upgrades.
  • The capacity to create, edit, name and organize ranks or divisions.
  • The new functionality of group-based asset sharing, including persistent vehicles and player-owned homes at the owner's discretion.

By default, a player will be able to share and unshare their personal assets with a group instead of directly buying faction or gang vehicles. There will be a limited number of vehicle slots for all default factions, capped at five. This can be expanded via purchasing more group vehicle slots. The menu through which a group member spawns group vehicles will also indicate which vehicles are yours, as the persistent owner. A video is below.

With time, we will expand on these features and address any bugs that may arise during their implementation.


Groups will be able to acquire extended functionality in-game, but certain features will be mutually exclusive or require prerequisites. This will be done through a new command, /gupgrade. Certain features are tagged "legal" or "illegal." When a group selects an upgrade with either of these tags, this will lock that group into a specific type. The aim of this limitation is to ensure diversity in our in-game groups and prevent abuse of particular commands. A group that acquires the ability to participate in points and turfs, for example, will never be able to acquire the ability to deploy barricades, access medical commands or related functionality. Conflicting or unattainable perks will not show on the upgrade menu.

Below is an early image of this system, with placeholder perks and prices:


This will be expanded to include group lockers, group-specific sets of commands (such as EMS commands, news agencies with /broadcast and) and other miscellaneous features, like group name changes and style changes. As we continue developing the server, more features will be added to the personal faction progression line. Some will be purchasable by in-game cash or credits, while other more competitive perks (like access to /repfam, turf and points, or civil service faction commands) may require a minimum group member count as well as approval by a Game Affairs admin.

We hope this will enable players to create their own organizations however they see fit, be that a news agency, a medical faction, a security agency or a criminal enterprise, with all necessary functionality at their command.


Thanks to the work of @Pearson, @Rob and the rest of the mapping team, there will be fresh mapping in Los Santos. The area by All Saints and the mall has been redesigned, as well as Pershing Square and specific areas of Idlewood. Images are included below, but this is only some of the completed mapping that will be put live.




Down the line, our next major update will be an overhaul on the /report system which allows players to provide their feedback on how a report was handled, providing a rating from 1 to 5 with a 100-character text box. Currently, and for the entirety of NGG's history, the only statistic for determining an admin's merit was their report count. In some ways, this was a disincentive for accepting more involved reports, like hacking reports, DM reports or other time-consuming issues, in favor of name change requests and falling reports. With this addition, there would be a rating system privately accessible by executive staff and HR staff, allowing us to see who truly takes their time with players to reach a fair, equitable solution for everyone. We hope changes like this will aid in creating a positive server environment and a staff team that is founded on quality rather than quantity.

If you've read this far, thank you for your extended attention. I look forward to reading all of your feedback, and more importantly, I look forward to seeing all of you in-game this weekend!

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