Mass Unban, Dynamic Group Update, LS Redesign & More

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Love the work everyone’s been putting in! Been assisting @Rob with some of the mapping related stuff and everything’s looking mint!! This update should be a good one.

my only major concerns/hopes are that the Admin/Staff team stay on top of all these re-joining players, ensuring if they re-offend or any future player offends the server/community rules in anyway, they are dealt with and removed from the community swiftly. I’ve noticed as of recent times (I am aware it’s due to lack of playerbase) lots of people using aimbots, DMing, non rp trolling etc have been “let off the hook”. A few admins I speak with have had trouble having their legitimate Bans stick. 

going forward this shit can’t stand. The rules need to be consistently enforced across the entire playerbase. Letting people off who bend the rules or try to explain their innocence in broken English is just pissing off the decent player base if I’m quite frank. I’ve had countless conversations with people IG in /b that have expressed a specific player has DM’d them or Non Rply interacted with them several times and nothing’s been done about it.

in a nutshell here, we need to be stricter on players, understanding that in the short term it will piss off a lot the player base we currently have, causing them to leave NGG however over time we’d gain a new and higher quality player base through “word and mouth” who can all actually speak coherent English (as the server is advertised as an English speaking server) and RP to a higher standard. 

Co-Founder of the Hooded Racing Society
Former MTG Member [SA:MP 2011-2014], Producer/DJ.

Newly Mapped Hooded Racing Society Compound:

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Good job with mass unbann, server will be alive for few days.

I don't like mappings at all but those you did look dope, good job.

And about gang/group system i think that in theory sounds good but it wont work.


Good luck.

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