NGG Idol!

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As part of the SEC Team suggestion, and after a successful trial run last week, we are going to host the first Official NGG Idol!

Explanation: NGG Idol was a monthly event hosted, that we intend on bringing back, where everybody shows their singing or musical talents on TeamSpeak.

We will host it this Friday, June 19th, 4PM server time (GMT 0). We hope you can all attend!

1st place: 1 Flagged House, 1 car voucher and 500k
2nd place: 1 car voucher and 250k
3rd place: 200k

Hope to see you all there!

i used to be relevant round here

my e-peen has significantly shrunk. bring back ngg.

Former Head Admin, Board of DIrectors, Director of Player Support, Admin Personnel & Chief Dickhead

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Hope to see all of you beautiful and talented people this friday.


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let's do this.

Assistant Director of Player Support
SAAS n National Socialist Party Moderator
(V1) - Ex Senior Administrator (ADoPR)
William Sinatra - The Egyptian King

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