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    With a big thanks to @Stuyk and his team. We have some good news regarding our Alt:V server (GTA 5). We have a launch date announced as you may of seen. April 3rd - 7PM GMT / 3PM EDT / 1PM MDT / 12PM PDT There will be a competition where you can win a free copy of GTA 5 on Steam! In order to enter the competition, you have to do the following. - Join our Discord (https://discord.gg/ngg) - Like our Instagram (and latest post about GTA V) (https://instagram.com/ngg.network/) - Post on this thread confirming you have done the above The winner will be announced on the 2nd of April. Good luck!
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    GTA:V Launch Hello, We'll be officially launching the server on April 3rd of 2020. Make sure you download the alt:V client from https://altv.mp/#/. You will need a clean non-modified copy of GTA:V to play. Actual Launch Times: [-1] EDT/EST - 3:00 PM [-2] MDT/MST - 1:00 PM [-3] PDT/PST - 12:00 PM [+4] GMT / LONDON - 7:00 PM If anything changes you will immediately hear from myself or any of the staff team.
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    The Ancelotti Crew has remained the dominant LCN force for nearly four decades. It began out of Bronx, in the late 60s' not expanding for nearly five decades but with their new found power in the CN ring, their original boss, Raphael Ancelotti called upon expansion to San Andreas, sending his two young Captains and their entourage in order to adventure new business opportunities to the successful candidates. By the end of 1996, Aaron Moses Ancelotti, son of Raphael, also Captain of the Ancelotti Family along with other young Captain Steven Ancelotti and the duo's affillates had landed within San Fierro International Airport with their hearts' set on Foster Valley. Once the team arrived into Foster Valley it was decided that they would operate out of Montgomery/Blueberry which seemed the most live filled out of all the small towns/shacks, it was a perfect place to expand as it hadn't been marked and the law enforcement had no knowledge of their Italian traditions unlike the New York Police Department. In late summer of 1997, a string of indictments heavily crippled the Ancelotti crime family leadership, leaving a power vaccum at the top of the pyramid. Raphael Ancelotti was indicted on the violation of five predicates, counting the murder of his one-time underboss and well-known crime figure, Emillio"Dicktard". Ancelotti was convicted on conspiracy, consistently and racketeerings charges on February 31, 1997 and effectively taken off it's streets, but not fullfilling his life sentence due to his death of cancer which followed a couple of months after his incarceration/imprison. In early fall of 1997, an power struggle broke out within the family in NY, when long time Capo/Caporegime of the Ancelotti Family; Jimmy Moretti was whacked in front of his home in broad daylight, the culprit was also another long time Captain and loyalist to Jackson Ancelotti. This set two crews at each others' throat(s), in quick response Wesley and Steven along with affiliate James Francisco went to NY to ensure the seat of the family didn't go to anyone besides Wesley. In result, the duo left Aaron Moses and Antonio in charge of San Andreas as boss. After a bloody three months, leading towards end of year the war was over, Jackson and his regime had proved victorious, with Steven at the head of the table along with Aaron as his first pick to be underboss. Simultaneously Aaron suffered from an horrific heart attack bringing his great reign to an end. Steven had no choice, he left for San Andreas in order to take the seat, leaving his childhood friends, Russell, Wesley, Monte and James in NY. The current leader of the crime family, Steven Ancelotti, given power in early 1998 in the aftermath of previous Boss; JAckson suffered an life threatening heart attack. Loyalists of Loren did not like the way he operated, six laid dead in the wake of the Ancelotti take over, Steven was nothing like Jackson, he was a savage and his style reminded many of Al Capone. Jackson Ancelotti earned an early reputation as an politician, wise, and valued boss who succeeded to earn the respect of his subordinates. Aaron Moses was known in criminal circles for his infamous way and ability of manipulating people to his advantage. In a state of intelligence, he allegedly once convinced a individual that he was a tax collector to collect his taxes for the year, sneaking a million off of the chump. The Ancelotti crime family is an Italian American organized crime group based in Foster Valley/Los Santos, San Andreas, as part of the American Mafia. Christened after its original boss Raphael Ancelotti, the group emerged from NYs' quest to expand business into San Andreas. After years of mayhem before 1998, Steven Ancelotti along with New York boss and childhood friend Wesley Ancelotti have finally managed to calm convulsing waters of the underworld within both states (NY, San Andreas). Leaving the mob on mob violence in the decades before, and emerging into a new decade of peace,carrying on with no major conflicts for sixteen years. Compared to other CN crime families in the U.S.The Ancelotti Crew is involved in a wide range of criminal activities such as but not limited to drug trafficking, white collar fraud, racketeering, extortion, money laundering, gun trafficking and prostitution. Properly backed by New York and possibly other loyalists within San Andreas, Steven Ancelotti, a previous captain in the Ancelotti regime within New York was elected to take rank as boss/Don. The rise of Ancelotti, a HATED by many, and LIKED by few veteran for his age with ties to mobsters in NY, introduced a new era of stability, along with Loren Brussolo as his Adviser were a force to be reckoned with. Steven Ancelotti is rumored to have spread more pressure on members to value and encourage financial income over family loyalty and traditional CN ideologies. The Ancelotti Crew has two different sides to the organization which is illegal and legal. Our legal services consist of our following businesses and assets where we will Roleplay on a regular basis. Different services will be offered at our properties and prices will vary. This will not be the organizations main source of income and it will be used as a "cover up" for our illegal activities. We will not resort back to these businesses if we find ourselves in a spot of bother. These services will range from physical grafting right up to fine dining. However whenever a property is purchased by the Organization they will be added to the list and a legal service will open up to the public. Grotti Automotive Founded in 1987, Grotti Automotive Group is a locally owned and independently operated specialty auto dealership located in the heart of Los Santos. Grotti features the northwest's exclusive official cars sales and service center, the northwest's oldest and largest cars dealership, and the seattle area's only official store. Obviously head of the crime family and the top decision maker. The Underboss is the second rank in any traditional CN family. The Underboss is, along with the Consigliere, the liaison between the Administration and the crews of soldiers and associates which Captains control. Otherwise referred to as 'Capo' runs the family's day to day operations overseeing the members below and monitoring their crew. Each Capo has their own Crew. Crew's are made up of Soldiers and Associates Also known as "made-men", are official members of it's organization and have been made into the faction. Soldiers provide money for the family through their own means of businesses. However, they must pay a percentage of money at the end of each week to their (Capo)regime. You're nobody. One wrong move and you're dead. Don't question anything, do your job strictly. Wait.. who are you?
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    SAN ANDREAS NEWS presents: Saturday Night Car Show! 20:00 this Saturday! over half a million in prizes! Show up to show off!!! More details coming soon! Everyone showing up will be given a chance to enter, but the pre-registers will have access to the best prizes. To enter contact an on-duty SAN employee, or post here.
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    The Introduction The Brixton Social Club is a Gym that is located in Downtown Los Santos just opposite the entrance to the Mulholland Bank parking lot. The Social Club is a premier gym that specialize in multiple martial arts and normal day to day fitness. The Gym has recently reopened after Wade moved back to San Andreas after living back in the UK for a number of years. Back then the Social Club was one of the best gym’s around and was a part of the Brixton network that used to have a couple of different businesses in San Andreas, the Bookies is also a part of this and has recently reopened under the ownership of Benedict Price. With reopening the gym Wade aims to get back to how it used to be and become the best place around, he has recently employed Andrew Reynolds to run the day to day operations of the gym while Wade runs the business side of things. The gym aims to bring back MMA events and host multiple other events so stay tuned for more on that. Showcasing the inside of the gym Wade and Lawrence first meeting (( The thread is a work in progress and will be updated regularly with roleplay by either myself or other members))
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    Howdy, I hope everyone is doing well. My name is George/Phenom, I've been playing NGG for years since back in roughly 2010/2011 and many years onwards. My old RP Character (Who I am continuing with) was Alice_Grande (Formerly Freeman, then Vilachi) I absolutely loved to get into some really good roleplay on the server and have so many fond memories of the shit we used to get up to. I started in various gangs and crime families, I ended up spending a considerable amount of time in the Government [Director of Treasury] and was an Underboss [R5] in the Vilachi Crime Family underneath Ivy_Vilachi herself. I was also lucky enough to be Invited into the HMA based solely on my Roleplay and not via any connections/friends in the Agency (Which was a damn rare occurrence back then) and remained in there under 5 different Directors before I stepped down from the role. Staff Wise, I also worked my way up to be a Senior Watchdog as well as then becoming a Junior Admin. Just before I was due to become a General Admin, I had to quit due it IRL reasons. It's a shame I wasn't able to continue as I would have loved to have climbed the ranks and leave my mark on NGG history. Regardless of the past, I hope to have just as many good times and create all new memories here. If you see me ingame, feel free to RP with me as I'll never turn down an opportunity to! Also, keep your eyes peeled as I'll be starting up some RP things in the coming days/weeks. Thanks, Phenom
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    Today the Department of Game Affairs has a piece of property up for grabs. How to participate: All you have to do is create a promotional video for the server, the theme is in your hands. If you require assistance in regards to certain situations you may want to create, Department of Game Affairs is happy to help with whatever it may be. Preexisting videos may not be entered as we're looking for some fresh content. Although not mandatory, we'd like to see some server features included in the video. How it will be judged: Department of Game Affairs and Public Relations will go through each video and judge it based on the content and editing. The top three will then be uploaded into a poll for the players to decide. How to submit your video: Click HERE to submit your video, submissions end on April 30th. All videos must be public. Showcase of the property that will be rewarded- (Note: Anyone that is also involved in the promotional video will be rewarded)
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    v1.1.10 Hello, Please see the change log below for our most recent update, quite a lot of bugs has been fixed which haven't been mentioned. If you spot a bug please login to the Control Panel and submit a bug report so the beta team and myself can review them. Server Reboot: 1 HOUR (2PM GMT 0) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * VERSION 1.1.10 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Added Fuel Upgrades * Added Drug Selling Upgrade * Added Callsigns (Hector) * Added new server time functions for admins (Can control time while pausing real-time updates) * Fixed Taxi $ Duplication glitch * Fixed shipment truck respawn * Fixed shipment disconnect issue (I spotted it) * Fixed shipment payout (Now calculates based on level) * Added a jerry can to work with the new fuel upgrade * Fixed a fighting style bug * Added limited civilian vehicles at spawn (temporary) and added a better welcome message to promote forum use at spawn * Updated the pilot cargo system
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    The Ancelotti Crime Family has been accepted as an unofficial gang! Congratulations on your hard work and great roleplay as usual. Keep up the activity and roleplay, you are a great part of our server and thanks for applying!
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    NGG:V offers a completely custom script with various features such as appearance, clothing, inventories, crafting, jobs, skills, and vehicles. All of these features are crafted together with completely custom menus and responsive designs. NGG:V scripting started back on August 12th of 2019. Which means this framework hasn’t seen a full year of development yet but offers smooth and consistent features. The server has been in a testing phase since January 26th and plenty of bug fixes and patches have been done. The server also uses the latest and greatest GTA:V client alt:V with the best synchronization that any client offers. With completely seamless interaction without odd behavior. The server itself can support up to 1,000 players at once and has the potential to go up to 4,000. Unlike RAGE:MP or FiveM, alt:V offers perfect gunplay, movement, and vehicle interactions. Roleplay is completely text-based so you don’t have to worry about your immersion being broken by voice. We also have added all the familiar commands such as your general /me, /do, etc. All players are able to easily choose the name they want to be seen under in-game. We even allow up to 3 additional characters per account. The login system is entirely Discord based meaning that you must have a Discord account in order to join the server. Authorization to get into the server takes a single click and you’ll be customizing your character immediately. The economic system inside of the server is geared towards a real life approach. Players may choose to be completely afk in-game and earn passive income. Paychecks are given every 5 minutes and consist of around $40.00. They can be cashed in at any ATM or Bank location. These points are known as Reward Points. Our server offers all players the opportunity to create their very own gang or business without the restriction of slots or worrying about Administrative interruption in your playtime. Our anti-cheat stops hackers within 5ms. Our commands should seem familiar to those you would find on the original SAMP server. The gang or businesses may also unlock various skills, vehicles, aircraft, etc. to help pursue their needs. Players inside of each gang or business may contribute Reward Points to work together and unlock these assets. Our job system allows us to easily create new jobs in just under 30 minutes of coding or even the player’s to create their own jobs in the future. The job system even allows for multiple individuals to share a job instance but we do not have any jobs that currently allow this. This is a feature that was added for future jobs such bank robberies. All 24/7 locations, clothing stores, tattoo shops, liquor stores, and many other locations provide functionality to purchase goods, clothes, etc. However, the stores themselves cannot be owned by any player. Instead business will revolve around our item economy. Speaking of the item economy we have a full drag and drop based inventory system with backpack extensions. You can drop most items on the ground and pick them up with ease. Players may easily change their clothing by equipping and unequipping shirts, shoes, etc. Backpacks and the latter can be crafted depending on what you are attempting to do. You can craft better tools such as a pickaxe or an axe to perform actions much quicker. You can craft backpacks to give yourself more slots. You can even craft weaponry if you’re part of a gang and capture an ammunation point. Speaking of points; we also have those as well. Any ammunation on the map is fair game for both LEOs and Gangs to fight for. LEOs capturing these ammunations will turn them into an Ammunation store and any sales go directly into the pockets of all online LEO members. While gangs turn these Ammunations into their own personal gun crafting station. Where they may create almost any weapon offered in the game. The feature list goes on and on and we can’t cover everything that is in the game mode unless you check it out for yourself. The server has mainly been coded by Stuyk (Ivy) working completely solo and over the past month has picked up Dzeknjak to join him on the journey of writing the server framework. Stuyk has been programming for around 4 years. Currently works as a Blockchain Engineer Dzeknjak has been programming for well over 6-7 years. Currently works as a NodeJS Backend Engineer Join us as we give Roleplay servers a new flavor to chew on. --- The Server will Be Launching Soon. Stay tuned. Very SOON.
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    In an effort to help move the server towards unique content we'll be looking for new mappers who are capable of working with GTA:V. All mappers will get their interiors in for free. You might be asking why? Let me give a brief explanation of the tools these people are required to use... 3DS Max 2016 - 2020 OpenIV CodeWalker Photoshop alt:V Server These people will also need to know how to modify DLC content to ensure that everything loads properly. Basically, it's far more complicated than SAMP mapping by an absolute land slide. However, I've created a tutorial for those of you who are interested in learning the ropes for mapping and are interested in getting your very own interiors into the server itself. You can find that tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccA70vQjp44 You may reach to me at any time if you wish to become a mapper. Thanks.
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    Official Candidates Presidential Elections 2020 The Department of Game Affairs is happy to announce the list of the Official Candidates for the Presidential Election 2020. Avery Garcia Isaac Blackwood Mike Parrot Luke Stephens Candidates are allowed to campaign starting today. You can do your campaign on Forums, Discord, TeamSpeak and in-game. It is also recommended to update your thread with the campaign you do in-game such as Roleplay, Advertisements, etc. to get more supporters. The Election Day is to be announced in the following days. Thank you and good luck to all candidates!
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    Let's make this thread NGG's most liked / most reactions for no reason.
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    1,000 Topics 5,000 Posts Our first milestones for our forums. One which is hard to reach by many, but not by all. This is a big achievement for NGG, as many people know it is hard to get a forum active which has been newly formed, so even though it may not seem like much at the moment, it is a great achievement for us. We would like to thank every contributor to the forum, even if it was a single post, every post counts towards our statistics. Without the dedication of the players, we would of never got as far as we have and we will continue to provide the best possible service we can for you all and try our best to make sure you enjoy every part of NGG. Please continue to contribute, play our servers and use our services - as long as you are here, so are we! Many thanks - Management
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    Forum Awards Hey! We've had quite a lot of requests to bring the Trophies and Awards back to the forums, so by popular demand they are now back! I've started to add the ones I can do easily back in, and we have every single award from V1 ready to go in if needed and wanted by demand! The next awards to go in are most likely going to be the year joined on V1, so we have 2008-2011 if we have enough demand to add these in then we can set up a small committee to process the applications and deny/accept them! Proof will be needed to show your join date, if you have none we will discuss it internally, aside from that, would this be something everyone would like to be done? Next best thing to Old School/Famed right now!
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    Liking these :), keep up the good work.
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    We've recently released a new job and a couple of people are unsure of how to use it so here's a quick tldr about the job and how to use it. The job starts at the following point; The National Reserve is located here - Xoomer Petroleum - (Lvl. 5 or Business Owner is required) * Head to the Los Santos Docks, or the National Reserve to get yourself a truck and Xoomer trailer - you will need these in order to load and unload petroleum from these points. * Businesses require fuel to be delivered from the National or State reserves or else they will run out and players will not be able to refuel their vehicles. * The National Reserve sells fuel at a wholesale price, and the State Reserve will buy that fuel at a higher price if you choose to just increase the State Reserve without delivering to a gas station. If you deliver to a gas station you will then make even more money. * If you take fuel from the State Reserve and return it, you will be re-imbursed, same can be said for the National Reserve. * You can steal fuel from a Tanker if you have a jerry can - simply purchase one.
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    - Removed Medkit (Temporarily) - Stopped Using Gamertag Natives + Fixed Level Up Text Positioning (Follows) + Fixed /me Text Scaling + Fixed Pedstream Text Scaling + Fixed Vehicle Lock Hotkey (Shift + H) + Fixed Ragdolling Inconsistencies + Fixed Death Timers + Fixed Gun Licenses for Sale + Fixed Badge Colors + New Username Displays (Handles Custom Colors) + Level Up Text is Now Rainbow Colored + New Texture Resource Icons + Buffed Drug Smuggling (Distance is accounted for to and from location) + Help Now Displays on New Character + Increase Item Drop Expiration from 10s to 3m + Craftable Backpacks + Backpack Functionality + Backpacks Retain Items on Drop + Cannot carry more than 1 Backpack at a time + Backpacks can be Stored and Traded with Items Inside + Added /g for Global Chat Shorthand + Event Venue Mapping Displays + Idle Animation for Event Venue + Added /kill, /suicide + /help now toggles the F5 menu. + Help Now Displays on New Character + Tool and Weapon Durabilities + Durability removes 1 on the tool for every player hit, a task complete, etc. + Durability Count is based on Tool Level + Durability at 0 deletes the tool. + Added Required Basic Controls Video + Added WebM Player for Full Screen + New Characters are Exposed to 2 Minute Video on Controls + Controls video only has to be watched once per account. + Character Name Filtering + Added /ooc alias to /b + Factions V3 ++ New Permission Structure ++ New Weapon Permissions ++ New Weapon Lockers ++ New Vehicle Permission System ++ New Markdown Handler for Notice Board ++ New Skill Handling ++ New Bank Interface ++ New Reward Point Pool ++ Renamed Permission Structure ++ Ranks can be re-ordered ++ Warehousing Added ++ Faction Member Online Status + Added Bottom Bar for HUD + Hid Original Health / Armour + Added Tabbable Buttons to Bottom Bar + /inventory + /equipment + /stats + /vehicles + /help + /jobs + /engine + /toglock + /vlock + /pvlock + Added Animation Menu to Bottom Bar ++ Lets you choose an animation from a list. + Fix Dead Bodies + Fix Health Issue for Damage and Spawn + Prevent Default Actions for Tab Menus + Moved Spawn to Paleto Bay + Paleto Liquor Store + Paleto General Store + Paleto Sheriff Office + Paleto Club (Hen House) + Added Courier Job to Paleto Bay + Double Reward Points for first 24 Hours (All Characters Count as One) + Chat Command List when typing '/' + Chat Press Tab to Auto Complete First Command + Chat Press Up Arrow for Last Message + All Players can Claim a Free Tornado (In Place of Faggio) + Character Creator Moved to Paleto - Removed Voice Chat + Grape Seed Liquor + Grape Seed Barbershop + Grape Seed Bank + Sandy Shores Hospital + Sandy Shores Prison + Added Hospital Blips + Rebuilt Shop Handler to Not Use Interiors ++ This was required because modded in interiors don't have same interior ids. + /q + /quit
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    We have a credit system on the forums where you receive 1 credit every time you make a post and 2 credits every time you post a thread. This will be useful to players as just after launch we will also launch a forum shop, where you can purchase things just using the forum credits, where basic IG items will be posted, like 1 week Bronze VIP. We believe this gives all players a chance to gain VIP status as well as other things which will be on the shop. If you have any questions regarding the system, please let me know.
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    Hahaha this was lowkey a good tactic from administration to stabilise economy, since everyone hoped for pvip's, restr. Car papers, dd's and what not, but got mostly regular stuff as vip tokens, cash, drugs, materials. Great way to make credits more worth, since i believe many players cleaned their binco's to 0 economy is inflated, everyone trying sell stuffs, but not many buy anything, meaning there is more items than cash in masses. Maybe next goverment can take their role and make economy more stable, at current rate its inflation is way too big imho
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    A Message From The Chief Of Police The Los Santos Police Department stands as the essential buffer between order, and chaos. Without end, the ultimate sacrifice is made by dozens of brave law enforcers in defense of an endless conflict between civil disorder and peace. The Department has set the standard time and time again for selflessness and heroism. With well-trained officers serving this great city on a daily basis, for every hour, day, and month of every year, the public can sleep at night knowing the city's guardians are serving them, protecting them, during work, and during play. The Department has gained the trust of it's citizens, which aids officers in their day-to-day tasks. We are here to stay, to serve and protect, and it's something that we’ll always need your help with.
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    Supported, I want to see Ancelotti back.
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    This is 🔥 #ANCELOTTIFAM
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    Everything else looks good expect I really disliked the 1:14 - 1:19 part.
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    there is more to come fellas.
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    Steven is doing great. Great work ancelotti
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    Keep up the good work, I will follow development of this and hope to see Ancelottis shine bright again! ❤️
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    Last little announcement for today from me. We're looking for a new banner for https://altstats.net/ and the in-game browser. It will be featured each time a player click on our server. Dimensions are 160x400 in pixels. Feel free to include the new NGG logo in it as well. Best banner will get a gifted copy of GTA:V or any game under $30 on steam. It will replace the green section on the left; best of luck to the designers out there.
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    I’m so excited especially after the hard work you and Devin put in for the past two weeks!
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    Don't do -anythin- stupid.
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    Random Media - Aaron Moses
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    We won't be changing anyone's toy, feel free to purchase another though.
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    GREAT WORK! I should do that too!!! San Andreas News doin it!