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  1. You guys made NGG Great again !
  2. In the name of christ please give us credits
  3. Maybe we chose the wrong time to spend credits on
  4. Garcia

    Corona Virus

    It will be abused a lot.. so yeah..
  5. Garcia


    light a cig
  6. We're bringing the old good days back ♥ [/img]
  7. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
  8. You are doing great job guys, Bring back old days !! Supported ♥
  9. You got my support, Good luck bro
  10. Well, I'm an Hip-Hop Artist but I don't get that much attention I just wanted to show you guys my latest song and give me your opinion, The song is in Arabic but I added English Subtitles, Tell me what do you think ♥
  11. No that wasn't me, But I'm willing to recreate the song with my own beat I do make beats too So I guess I'm recreating it again with better quality and better beat
  12. I'm glad to hear that my brooo ♥♥♥
  13. I'm an Egyptian rapper I don't rap in English that's the first time doing so.. so pardon my accent I tried making it as good possible I just made it for fun so have fun with me
  14. Garcia


    I support his opinion a lot !!! He's exposing reality.
  15. Garcia


    I believe that another LEO faction is not needed since we already have PD and NOOSE also as I see that NOOSE has a lot of members running around and PD too I think that PD and NOOSE should lower the amount of members they currently have since if we put NOOSE + LSPD Members it will count more than half of our playerbase.
  16. What factions do you really think that it should be good in NGG?! "NEW" factions or uncommon factions?! Let's get DGA's attention here
  17. I'm using it of course ♥
  18. Supported as it has always been showing professionalism and RPing heavily
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