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  1. Treshaun


    Let's be real, if anyone wanted to ruin the RP experience/troll/deathmatch they could do it in every other possible way, the knife system isn't the problem, it's the players, and according to your logic, they should get rid of weaponized vehicles cause some may mis-use it?
  2. Treshaun


    That's why I stated it should be allowed for gang leaders only, misusing it would get them striked.
  3. Treshaun


    And before you rush at me stating that it may ruin the RP experience, put in mind some Hardcore Role-play servers actually allow players to possess knifes.
  4. Treshaun


    Basically, make it possible for gang leaders to possess a knife as it adds a lot to the RP scenes when it comes to executing members whatsoever.. Otherwise, just implement a system like the old NGG jail when you could craft a shank knife and had 5 times usage.
  5. when will be the next giftbox tho?
  6. **Es unas horas y lo atrapas: Few hours and you'll catch him.**