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  1. He failed to do so but attempted to scam me. Considering he already did on his other account and was pushing his luck trying to scam me again. I think his alt account Thom_Chavez should also be jailed or fined for him to really learn his lesson.
  2. Why won't you start a conversation with me then before selling, knowing that I'm fishing? Also, you we're the one who scammed me awhile ago? Thinking you'll get a chance to scam me again? You just approved that You're Thom_Chavez. So you wanna scam me x2? I hope both of your account gets jailed and fined. This was my complaint on his Alt Acc where he scammed me.
  3. Player Complaint Your Name: Lawrence_Wheatcroft Offenders Name: Thom_Chavez Rules broken: Attempted Scamming Date: 03/25/2020 The picture says it all, he attempted to scam me for I'm fishing and thought that maybe I'd enter it. You won't see him near me because he just passed by me to offer the spas for 500k and leave hoping I'd accept it. Thank you! I think there's people like him because they think that they won't face consequences. I hope he gets jailed or fined for him not to do this anymore, thank you!
  4. Player Complaint Your Name: Lawrence_Wheatcroft Offenders Name: Yuri_Lockheart Rules broken: Scamming Date: 03/25/2020 He timed the sell on which i was fishing. Unfortunately i entered twice. You'll also see him trying to spam engine start and off to make that chat move up which can be a proof that he's guilty. I hope he gets what he gets fined twice and I'll get my money back. Thank you!
  5. I thought if i have a house bought in game i'll get one a user title sorryy