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  1. So because there is a turf that means you can just shoot anybody on sight? Seems logical. Oh wait. No you can't. Huh. Nobody approached the turf. Nobody shot at you. (Not LEO's anyway maybe a gang but not us or NOOSE) Sending guys behind us to start shooting at the same time (It was planned, Titus even said in VIP chat after if we had any spacial awareness we would't of died clearly giving intention of starting a DM fest) You say I was chased out of the turf, which is wrong. Never entered a turf and if Danilo was chasing me out of he how does he run from VIP down the highway to the otherside outside Skatepark that quick. Bizzare Just because I'm stood there in a reason to shoot me? No. So that's deathmatching. I never even draw a weapon. I get in the car to back off further to be chased and killed for standing at the side of the road? Interesting.
  2. Player Complaint Your Name: Ryder Hawke Offenders Name: Krawzer Sardina Rules broken: RK & Non-RP Behaviour Date: 03/22/2020 Attended a backup call, Krawzer Sardina got dropped by Swagger. His mate comes nice bit of OOC Backup but that happens, he's then Non-RP with anims but idc. He get dropped. Krawzer Sardina then dies/accepts death. Comes back to ninja jack me.
  3. Nobody was on any other side. All members where located on me. You opened fire for no reason.
  4. @SkylineGT I don't want any action like that. He RP's with us most of the time usually all good. So that's fair. The /lastshot comes back to Steven meaning he is the last player to injure me.
  5. Did you watch the video? I run from the hospital? Nobody is there? There was no active situation. Nobody was after you. I don't even know where you where that's why I needed last shot?
  6. Gang Complaint Your Name: Ryder Hawke Group: El Cartel De Chiapas Date:03/21/2020 Offenders:Titus Styles & Danilo Buenoh - Lots more out of view for names. Rules Broken: KOS& DM Appeal / Explanation: We grouped with NOOSE outside of the turf. (Very close I admit) but we are outside of the boundaries to get an idea of how many people there was or if we where even going to bother due to numbers of PD members online. They then randomly start shooting at us. Titus Styles & Danilo Buenoh both clearly way outside of the turf. Yet continue to fire from behind when I never fired a single shot. No roleplay occurred during the entire time we where here nor was there an RP reason to bother shooting at us we hadn't approached them or even said a single word. Policy 9.12: Killing On Sight at turf. Killing on Sight is not permitted within turf and roleplay must be initiated before any type of gunfight breaks out.
  7. No, that's why it's RDM? Pretty simple
  8. Player Complaint Your Name: Ryder Hawke Offenders Name: Steven S Ancelotti Rules broken: RDM Date: 20/03/2020 Running out of hospital back to PD HQ, randomly shot down? Last shot comes back to Steven.
  9. 9 Minuets of nothingness then refuel a car to be KOS'd for no reason
  10. @Chris GoldIt's nearly 10 minuets long due to my shadow player being that long. How long do you need unedited?
  11. Sarah Hawke is currently on holiday. He was tabbed out when you rocked up and started shooting. I said to him we're about to get DM'ed get ready. Of course he's going to shoot back? Just because he can press 'H' and it instantly brings out a gun doesn't mean shit.