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  1. Gang Management Good Day everyone ! This is the Gang Management of Next Generation Gaming , @VenomWe can see that the evidence you provided is not much clear to consider a punishment , Because it shows only one scenario . To take a decision for the above complaint we will be giving you 24 hours from now to provide more sufficient and solid Evidence . Thank you ,
  2. Gang Moderation Good Day everyone ! This is the Gang Management of Next Generation Gaming , As we can clearly see in the Evidence provided , La Cosa Nostra Gang has broken the Following rules 1. A member of the Gang is Shooting outside the point boundaries . ( x2 ) Policy 7.11: Shooting outside of point Sniping/shooting from outside the point and shooting towards the point is forbidden. This means no shooting outside of point boundaries. If a player runs into point, and tries to run out of point boundaries - He is allowed to be chased and killed however. 2. Attending the Point without representating their gang/family (/repfam) Policy 8.3: Gang Representation Each gang is required to be in their gang skin whilst using (/repfam) when attending turf in order for others to determine if said person is in a gang or just a normal civilian. Joy_Lobo will be 45 mins prisoned due to Breaking DGA policies @lenard Even though he has been kicked now He was in the Family when the Rule was broken . This Complaint is resolved now.