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  1. Player Complaint Your Name: Grzesiek Roleplayer Wroblewski Offenders Name: check the video Rules broken: DM/KoS/NRP/AE/LTA Date: 03/27/2020
  2. thanks fella, I was merely testing
  3. Posting as Involved. ( I was the one laying on the ground and the one you attempted to detain on your car ) As we all can see that you MG'ed THOM sms'ing him IC'ly about your roleplay and you didn't use any parentheses, that's the reason why Thom didn't take it as RP'ly and decided to roleplay that he's being cautious around and gazed at the surroundings, he saw you with a gun and shot you. END OF THE STORY. -insufficient evidence. -Up to admins if they will punish you for METAGAMING during roleplay scene.
  4. From Ehrmantraut to Wroblewski
  5. This should be closed, big misunderstanding between three parties. Posting as Mike Ehrmantraut (involved)
  6. Rocco asked me to delete the FC and give Eddie a second chance, close this.
  7. Player Complaint Your Name: Treant Biggums Offenders Name: Eddie Kingpin Rules broken: Illegal modifications Date: 03/20/2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7tFnziJQe8 It's not even lag lol. he was aiming me from the start until he turns around and his bullets keeps goin through me
  8. Helper usergroup, thankyou! In-game name : Grzesiek Wroblewski