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  1. we need more roleplayers around.
  2. Swing by in-game and we'll find out.
  3. Vinyl Countdown a music shop that stands small and brightly lit, packed with record of every kind located in Marina main st, behind the news agency. Lawrence inherited this shop from his father who recently passed away due to heart-attack. Lawrence has been experiencing finanical finanical issues lately, hence why he chose to re-open the shop along Steven Ancelotti's help. Beside regular browsing and searches, Lawrence managed to hire two guys that can provide techincal support to broken instruments. Although Lawrence is a teenger, he has a way of connections to his customers. With just, the piece of what they need. CONTACT US: TECHNICAL NUMBER: 5556473 EMAIL: [email protected] NUMBER: 362834
  4. Tate


  5. Tate

    World of Warcraft

    If you guys agree we can set a warmane group @Matt Honest @Tripp @Sung @Mark I already have a hunter there.
  6. Tate

    World of Warcraft

    Better than before.
  7. Tate

    Tate's points shop.

    If this is illegal, then close it.
  8. Tate

    Hi there

    Welcome back, it's good to see players like you around.
  9. Tate

    Tate's points shop.

    I sent you the points mate, thanks for doing business.
  10. Tate

    Tate's points shop.

    I'd say around 300,000$ - 250,000$
  11. I'm selling/trading forum points for in-game items or cash. PM me the amount you're buying and we'll discuss the price.