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  1. You mean like old NGG? Cuz they moved grinding for cash and pretty much low level players to SF as the trucker and pizza boy job are there. So in LS you can find only decent players or the once who are willing to rp.
  2. My bad ma man. I forgot about that post. Saw it couple days ago.
  3. I think admins should prioritize fixing bugs more than adding new contents to the servers. The server is currently swarming with bugs that needs to be fixed asap + false informations * Old commands that no longer work (from old script) but is yet shown in the game *Commands that do no work (eg; shipment /claimtruck which used to be /hijackcargo before) *Blueberry bug (famous bug in old NGG which tp you or your vehicles to blueberry) *Double exp points( you said this weekend will be a double exp point for everyone. Yet it is not true, nothing happened) *Houses( Are pretty much half backed and ruffly have any use except for RP reasons. Eg: furniture system, unability to upgrader house capacity of storage) *False info( when you browse vip perks you see alot and yet you get like half of the perks. So it's either bigged or you should update the perks list) I listed what i could remember. I really encourage your effort to make the best out of this server but always remember new is not always better. You have to work on what you already have and perfect it. Best of regards to all NGG staff
  4. It's not about like or doesnt like. All that matters is the rp experience. Car theft is a basic "job" that should be in the server and it will make players more aware how to park and were to park. Streets are full with vehicles thrown around because players are not affraid from thieves for the simple reason they cant steal their cars.
  5. True. The rp experience is what matters after all and players should respect that.
  6. Mike Fleming

    LAFD mod

    Eyyy thanks i'll use these without messing out the game.
  7. tbh this is good but i can't imagine this done or approved (some sections) in the near future. For instance the player base will drop is ammo system is implemented and some ideas are quite complex. I think the admins have to extablish the basics of the server to have a good player base and a nice flow gaming and after that they work to improve the RP experience because many things are still missing or doesnt work in this server and admins gotta work on that in the first place.
  8. I really dont know about this. I can agree with you on the first idea of the gang levels but not on paychecks. IRL gang members doesnt have salaries, each one get more authority and respect as his rank goes up. The gang system is pretty much good atm and changes should be implemented only to balance the scale between them and lspd.
  9. Maybe set a cap on how many times a players can take guns from the dplocker. for ex: deagle can be taken once each paycheck on 3 times a day. because guns are very exploitable there. Also the full vest should be limited to tier 3, and maybe a half vest to tier 2 along with an increase in the price. Let's revive the arm dealer and bodyguard jobs please.
  10. This could be applied to gun shops too. Each gunshop regenerate materials which is directly linked to any mat factory 1/2 which will benefit the gank that hold that point ( For example giving some cash interest to the gank locker). Each type of weapon costs materials upon purchase and with each level of the gunshop, like you said, will make the capacity larger for materials. But it would be more interesting if we add another gun biz type to the game where fam can manifacture heavy weapons the same as meth labs mentionned above. Accessible only by the gank and can be shut down by police etc...with that each gank will have to work harder to get its heavy weapons.
  11. The server is quite similar to old NGG in some particular ways but it bugs me there is no picklocking function. It would be great if you add the old picking locks system to the server.