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  1. As I mentioned above i used /dmreport on all of you guys but it only worked on you anyways pending admin
  2. since admins trashed my report to check who last shot me I did it my way and as you can clearly see in the vid theres 1 guy shooting towards me and since it was your gang vs me I did dmreport on all of you, and it only worked on you
  3. I was fighting with your gang in the point, so I /dmreport all of your members, also crouching and shooting is nowhere near nospread. Try again
  4. Player Complaint Your Name: Steve_Faulkner Offenders Name: Lenard_Capone Rules broken: hacking Date: 03/29/2020 the evidence is clear hes using aimbot or nospread
  5. you are telling me when you see a barrack you dont think that it carries illegal weapons? that was the reason you even pulled me over for
  6. I never called for Roccos backup, as he mentioned earlier he heard the megaphone he was sitting outside DP lounge, also I was driving a barrack which carries illegal guns I had every reason to get out and shoot you, but I didnt we kinda gave you time to leave you decided not to, and Rocco continued to shoot you after you called backup, so quit crying please! Also I have a vid proving that I never called for OOC backup let me know if you need it.
  7. imo pot and cracks are good its just that meth and ecstasy are easy to get and overpowered maybe nerf them instead or just make them harder to collect
  8. Player Complaint Your Name: Steve_Faulkner Offenders Name: Eddie_Kingpin Rules broken: hacking Date: 03/21/2020 as you can see hes clearly aimbotting
  9. damn Donnie the soundboard is lit dw about it