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  1. IG NAME Daniel Prim So earlier at the giftox I won 1 credits twice or even more and I thought it's normal and meant to be that way so I didn't take any ss. I just found out that it's bugged when I was scrolling the forum. Chech the logs if needed. Thank you
  2. No unfortunately not. I did not consider it as an issue till the third attempt. You may check logs if I claimed the past 3 paycheck"s credits or not.
  3. Well we are making threads about it and players discuss the topic so hope they will take it in consideration
  4. Daniel

    Corona Virus

    In that case I am 100 percent for the idea.
  5. Daniel

    Corona Virus

    Well the idea is fine but don't you think we have enough covid19 out there? 😛
  6. I may do. Did you have the Jesus Christ name back on the old version?!
  7. LOL didn't know that you were the judge. I thought that you are a random person asking for too much questions 🙏
  8. I met the dude, he knows what he's doing. Best of luck with the election.
  9. Glad that you finally fixed the trucking system
  10. IG name: Daniel Prim So first somehow i could not claim the credits that you get at each paycheck 3 times in a row, so if its possible i d like to get refunded for 30 credits https://imgur.com/VMVgcIB Second my custom house interior is fucked up i got a floating desk somehow, can i get it fixed or change the interior. anything that can help https://imgur.com/XRk2Iyw
  11. Looking forward to roleplay with you
  12. Advisors are no longer able to kick nor jail and I really think that having watchdogs will help the administrative team alot