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  1. Whats the point in transferring content over why don't you just use your 2nd account considering this one only has 8 posts and we can just namechange your 2nd one.
  2. Reward tokens are given randomly and your not guaranteed one every time.
  3. Video proves literally nothing? - closed due to lack of evidence.
  4. Pending proof that the player was fined; struggling to find it in the logs.
  5. [2020/3/20 - 3:47:51] Jordan Wolf changed "Xander_Cage"s name to "Jay_Haxwell" (id: 1603) for free. (Next Free N/C: July 18, 2020) or Xander Cage Jr
  6. The following names are restricted and if the owner of the name as stated in the middle column of the table denies use of the name, the other player must be offered a name change. No Names are restricted unless clearly visible on the above post or without explicit permission from a member of the executive team. To be added to the list please post an administrative request with proof of ownership. Last Updated: 29/3/20
  7. PM me the IP attached to the account I'll find it
  8. Approved, report for a senior admin ingame for this to be processed; 100 credits and 2 car vouchers to be refunded.
  9. Has been done in the latest version the damage reduction is to be discussed however a change is indeed in the pipeline
  10. Good luck to all of the potential contestants!
  11. We will be hosting a Jeopardy event on Teamspeak, this coming Sunday at 2pm gmt 0 (29/3/20) . Jeopardy is a quiz show where contestants choose a box on a grid of numbers with different categories. The higher the number, the harder the question. Contestants answer by turning on channel command when they think they have the right answer. If they answer correctly they are given the amount of points on the box. If they answer incorrectly, they are subtracted the points in the box. All questions must be answered in the form of a question. ((Example: Q: Where is DP Lounge located A: Where is Market )) If you wish to participate fill this format and we’ll use a random number generator to pick the contents. I AM IN! Name In Game: Prizes 1. Gold VIP for 3 months [Non-Transferable] 2. 250 Credits 3. 1 x Car Voucher