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  1. upload video or screenshots please.
  2. Congratulations big boys.
  3. first of all it wasnt me i was helping Jay in the gunfight, he started it not me, stop fucking crying about everything
  4. I would like to see you hosting races.
  5. Name: Katsurou Vi. Hanako Complaint : KOS / DM Evidence: Explanation: So I was with Stifler Cobra and Jay Artz, they started to talk about that black mobbz is always crying over /dp or /v so i talked with them then they just started to shoot us.
  6. Reviewing logs right now. You have any proof that you have materials in the business?
  7. Processed, Archived.
  8. I will talk with yumi about it. you'll get the 2M of yumi's back refunded, closed.