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  1. I like this idea as long as boats(at least small one like dighty or w/e its called) wont be too expensive, you can also make different iventory on each boat...
  2. 1) Saw but current price is 1$ to 60$, I don't mind 60$ but I disagree with 1$, it should be like 40$ to 60$ to make competitive prices between all the gas station. 2) Thank you 3) There're ways to prevent this exploit imo.. can be explained a lot. 4) I agree, main reason was basically having some low tier houses... 5) This part is mainly connceted with #4, basically having higher and lower tier houses
  3. So instead of fixing the gas station prices... they got ruined even more, this 1$ per gallon needs to be removed... @Rav
  4. Light rp don't have /do and yes you can't dm players but you can't rp either, I've played on light rp servers quite a lot and the issues is that there're no rules, person can just come up to you and cuff you or do /me shots daniel and kill you, there's no kos rule either and dm is different in practice(basically dm there is if u kill someone without rp, something what is kos here) - you can also drive by players, most of the factions and gangs don't rp at all.... Yes but the problem with heavy rp servers are that they're annoying, it's not even about whatever if want to rp or not it's just... for example you need to maintain your vehicle engine(every 1000km service, battery change etc), if you damage your car it takes certain time to repair it (from 10min to couple of hours), gangs are not trying to make a legacy to have some well known leader for years, instead players are prefering to join a gang climb up to top, make CK and then start all over again..., gangs are also rping selling alcohol, cigarettes etc... so basically there's no actual gameplay, it's mostly rp only... I mean heck there're prison gangs... you literally get lifetime jail and you rp in jail...
  5. It's not really difference in "roleplay" but the system, meta... On light rp servers you basically have /me takes a gun /me shots player - and that's good enough, there's no rush tazing rule, you can get /tazed and cuffed on sight no restriction for pd, prettymuch freeroam server where you can buy cars, house and be in a gang/faction, rp is next to none, there's not even a /do command Medium rp server is the one which has potential but it's not forcing roleplay, here for example you can find players to rp with, you can rp, there's plenty of stuff... but you don't have to do it if you don't want to and you can still play, kind of chill let's say... Heavy rp servers are those which are trying to make as realistic as it gets with a lot of scripting which is not needed, rp which is not required either etc... and sure there're people who like that, but personally playing for 3.5k hours and out of 3.5k hours 3k hours writing only /me or /do or whatever is a no no... the problem with heavy rp servers is that you don't really get paid, if you want money you need to rp, and you also need to rp with proper people icly because "rply" if you're asian you can't be a bodyguard, if you're black you can only hang out with other black people rly and with street gangs etc....
  6. Well done, sucks that you can't own more drums doe
  7. 1) Set different values for /editgasprice, current one is from 1$ to 5000$, imo it shouldn't be less than 150$ and more than 500$ 2) Put AT LEAST one fuel station in SF please, make it 9999999 gals(or w/e is maximum) and set admin as owner(or no owner and biz level set on 999 so no one can buy it) 3) Add "Loans", basically you would go to a bank and you can get a loan, depending on the level, for example lv 3 up to 200k lv 5 up to 500k lv 8 up to 1m or whatever.., but you'd have to pay back 10 percent more of what you have taken, ie if you take 1m you need to return 1.1m, this return can either be made by /deposit (untill you have paid your full loan back, you'd be returning money you have loaned from the bank instead of depositing it in your own bank account) or/and by setting certain fee on each transaction, for example someone /pays you 100k, but you only receive 80k and 20k is sent to the bank - returning the loan(also this 20k would be noted in chat) and another option is to take certain fee while doing jobs, for example Shipment contractor completes a delivery, instead of getting 10k he'd receive 8.5k(1.5k going to bank) 4) New house type - Apartmants and Weekend houses, basically those houses wouldn't be in house list on /stats but on new section, basically add Apartmants(SF ones in examples, whole SF is filled with them...) which would cost less than a normal house but still have it's value, Weekend houses would be rare(er) houses around the whole map but those who're outside the City and are "low-quality", such as 5 or 6 idk small wooden houses in Flint County ( Route 210, near Beacon Hill), certain houses in TR etc... 5) Add more houses around the whole map, basically normal houses(without gates) in certain locations, Idlewood, East LS, Jefferson etc.. should just be added for certain price (depending on the location, from 1-3m maybe) and to avoid house moves, double the price of house move maybe(so 600k now), with this players would be able to own normal houses, you'd have less high tier locations as well as prices of house flags raising(since most of the houses would be set, you'd pretty much need house flag only if you wanted high tier house or some location of your own) 6) Restrict certain jobs to higher levels, for example drug dealer/smuggler lv 8 or 10, Arms dealer level 5 etc..(idk if there're more ilegal jobs), imo it's basically more rp for players with higher expirience and knowledge of server economy to do such jobs and there's a chance to lower DM(with arms dealer being on higher level) - even doe I'd restrict drug and arms sales to families as much as possible so players can actually interact with them if needed. 7) I know that this has been said many times... but remove guns from DP locker, OR if you don't remove them, you can revamp DP locker and restrict it to one deagle per playing hour, shotguns are not used by anyone, mp5.... eww, maybe 1 per 2 playing hours?(unless for drive by, which I don't even see anymore you don't need it anymore, literally) 8,) New business type, pharmacy - here you would be able to buy drugs but at way higher price than you can from gangs, basically if gang is selling one pot for 1k, pharmacy would sell them for 3k, if gang is selling 1 xtc for 5k, pharmacy would do it for 20k... now I'm not sure how well this can or can't work but maybe it's worth giving it a shot... I don't know - really need opinions on this one...
  8. I just gave you what I know.... it was some sort of "modpack", texture pack to be more precise, it changed particle.txd and some other files, if I remember correctly it was on gtainside but can't say it 100 percent, tried searching for it yesterday but I couldn't find it.... I'm afraid that's pretty much all I know.
  9. There was some sort of "mod pack" that improved fps a little on pc and decreased graphic quality a lot in order to get that boost (I didn't use it personally but one of URL members did in '15, basically it removed clouds and similar stuff...) but if you can't run non modded gta sa without fps issues..... I don't know what to say.
  10. So uhm... with player base slowly rising... here's my opinion, not only about SASD but faction's in generals. Imo, factions needs to have a clear balance, right now I'm statisfied with how active URL is, however certain stuff that we had on v1 is still not possible due to the playerbase..(having a proper blacklist, big(ger) tournaments etc, right now most of the stuff we do is just casual) and we have ~35 members, doe most of them are active, for a comparison NOOSE has ~100 members, I don't know how many members FDSA have @Reary ? or how many members LSPD have at the moment (idk forum acc of lspd chief) but imo there has to be a certain balance, with that said I'm not saying to either add or remove players to/from certain faction, I'm just saying that there's no proper balance. Gangs are facing the same issues, BHT and Chipas are active as fuck(in terms of having members online), some gangs are medium active and some are dead. As Nai said you'd need at least 20 members as soon as faction starts.. to maintain your activity... Also, my opinion is still that we need to have those faction/gang leader meetings back @Toby Vintage @nai chaos so we can discuss stuff properly, as well as certain rules/policies added when it comes to the members, imo general discuss with the leaders/slot holders is the only proper way to fix issues(if there're some) with certain factions/gangs.
  11. This is actually a good idea, +1
  12. SkylineGT


    Agreed, same thing for factions ALSO bring back those gang/faction leader meetings that were on v1.
  13. SkylineGT


    Where's the issue then....?
  14. SkylineGT


    Supported IF: You allow L only to get those knifes and if those knifes can't be given to other members/players. Just make a simple cmd like /getknife or smth like that to give gang leader a knife...