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  1. Yeah, I only play the LSPDFR mod with some other plugins to make it better, when I had my PS4 I had my online account and the total money earned was 300million lmao, I no lifed that shit so bad. Had a weed farm, biker hideout, document forgery warehouse, underground weapon facility, car warehouse and then finally one of the doomsday bunkers. Then had as many houses and garages as you could have all full with different vehicles, owned some of the planes, heli and boats but I never bought the over the top shit like the hover bike.
  2. Yeah they added a couple OG vehicles, I think they got the OG Cheetah and OG Infernus and yeah as you say the cars are slow but if you play it on PC and use the LSPDFR mod or just using single player you can use a trainer and upgrade the cars power and torque to make them faster. I agree with you on the supercars thing, every update seems to just be throw in 3/4 Hypercars/supercars and then 1 normal cars or bike and thats it.
  3. Aha yeah I remember Brad H Blade but he never taught me anything, for some reason no matter what GTA game I play I tend to just be good at driving. When I'm bored now I jump on GTA V and drive on this long road that runs through vinewood hills with all sorts of turns and straights on it, don't crash at all and manage to get decent speed going.
  4. Yes I get that the racing lines is involved also but I meant from a basic stand point of just getting to some level of better driving. So thought I'd give the advise as I seem to do great with races, I've never done timed runs.
  5. Driving once you get the hang of it in SAMP is easy as fuck, you just gotta know when to tap the S button to slow down and when to accelerate again, never use spacebar as that'll just stop you too much.
  6. They make the 2008-2012 ones for old school, they won't just keep adding different years people joined lmao or we'd have everything up until this year.
  7. I dunno? I chose "Sin" because obvs a committing crimes is a "Sin" so thought it'd fit and sorta sounds like instagram.
  8. How about "Sinstagram" fuck knows how people come up with names for shit. I have zero creativity when it comes to coming up with names for anything, hence my name around here lmao.
  9. You're an admin so you should know to not shitpost/spam post on here. Actually give feedback or ideas...
  10. This is the knife mod I use. https://www.gtaall.com/gta-san-andreas/weapons/107191-new-knife-hq.html
  11. Not as of just yet no, but did have to mention him in the story as Benedict is one of the OG's.