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  1. Player flagged in game.
  2. Feel free to showcase your video in the comments, but make sure to fill out the submission form in order to participate in the event.
  3. Drug system 100 percent needs an update, my suggestions for some of these drugs would be something like this: Marijuana - You'd need to purchase rolling papers from a 24/7 or craft a bong using the craftsmen job. When in use, it'll be similar to how cigars work. I'm sure there would be an object for a bong too. This would still have the same effect as pot currently does. Steroids - As we discussed in PM before, better punching power. Could also make it similar to heroin where it allows you to take a little more damage for a few ticks. Ketamine - I think I asked if you can increase how fast someone can sprint and wasn't possible, would if they can sprint for a longer duration instead? Xanax - Faster first aid kit that heals quicker, and perhaps lasts longer than first aid kits do. Crack Cocaine - Can maybe have it so a player isn't affected by tasers, being tackled, and bean bags for a short amount of time. Ecstasy, Heroin, Crack should remain the same as the benefits from them are pretty good. Crack could do with a new effect.
  4. Today the Department of Game Affairs has a piece of property up for grabs. How to participate: All you have to do is create a promotional video for the server, the theme is in your hands. If you require assistance in regards to certain situations you may want to create, Department of Game Affairs is happy to help with whatever it may be. Preexisting videos may not be entered as we're looking for some fresh content. Although not mandatory, we'd like to see some server features included in the video. How it will be judged: Department of Game Affairs and Public Relations will go through each video and judge it based on the content and editing. The top three will then be uploaded into a poll for the players to decide. How to submit your video: Click HERE to submit your video, submissions end on April 30th. All videos must be public. Showcase of the property that will be rewarded- (Note: Anyone that is also involved in the promotional video will be rewarded)
  5. Have taken some of these points into consideration, thanks for all the suggestions as we appreciate the constant feedback and would love to hear more from yourself and everyone else. Here are my opinion on a few of the brought up suggestions. Cop baiting under the rules. Cop baiting means that someone is trying on purpose to get Law Enforcement chase after them. This also means that doing illegal activities on purpose infant of Law Enforcement - This falls under Non Role play Behaviour depending on the situation. Police / NOOSE shouldn't have super cars. This is about realism. Of course, there can be instances, however just for patrolling purposes that shouldn't be allowed. - For the most part, neither have sports cars apart from the bullet from what I can remember. NOOSE no longer use personal vehicles whilst on duty. Add toys on characters automatically to show what weapons each character has. This adds more to realism, as there is no way a person could hold an M4 on himself/herself without anyone noticing it. - Seems kind of pointless as certain players prefer role playing their weapons being hidden , this opens more room for PG/MG to occur. Weapons should have custom damage depending where person was shot. - The server already has increased damage stats for certain weapons and not many people are fond of it at the moment (M4 Damage) Bullets should have limited ammunition. - This caused a bunch of problems in the past and people really didn't like it. Added in-game anti-cheat feature. - The A/C is constantly being worked on and is improving more and more. UNRP Ad. For an example, nobody would sell any drugs or other illegal material over normal advertisement. Person would get arrested by the Law Enforcement. - Blatant advertisements about drugs and such usually get denied when requested, although if worded correctly it can still be accepted with the consequences of PD investigating. Better death system. Perhaps would show where someone was hit, how many times. Fatal shots to heart, lungs, head should be implemented and character should die without having an opportunity to survive or give it a 2% change of survival. % lowers every time someone has been shot critically. - We have a system in place that shows what weapon the person was shot by, although having such an advanced system like that might confuse certain players. There should be an incentive for players not to /accept death as soon as they're in limbo though, any suggestions for that would be nice. Random shooting in-front of market or anywhere in the city where people could be around should be punishable. Realistically thinking, there would be CCTV cameras that would catch up and call Law Enforcements. This breaks a) Cop baiting rule and b) UNRP Behavior rule. 2x Rule breaks in one thing. - This still falls under Non Role-play behaviour already. Remove free guns. This adds way too much possibility to massive DM, and guns should be quite limited. As this is roleplay, not an DM server. - If this in regards to DP locker, I believe it's already getting a revamp. Asspulling should be added to the rules. Definition of asspulling is taking out a weapon without any proper roleplay. Small guns should be allowed, but for an example M4 and so on shouldn't be. - As stated by someone else, this just creates more reason for people to use binds and in some situations you won't even have enough time to role-play your weapon as by the time you're finished typing said person would have already ran away / evaded. NOOSE shouldn't be working as a patrol. NOOSE can only be deployed, if there is a high risk situation. This means for an example, hostage situation, terror attack, etc. - NOOSE don't just go and patrol when they feel like it, when active turf calls come in they send units out to locate said gang activities whilst also assisting PD. Gangs/Mafias shouldn't have super cars. - They do in real life, don't see why they can't on here. What I don't really agree with is family helicopters as that doesn't make too much sense, although it'd somewhat fit a mafia organisation.
  6. Would like to mention that this isn't classified as Rush Tazing due to the fact he was given plenty of time to comply but rather he kept it OOC. There's also a script in place to stop rush tazing from occurring.
  7. Player was caught air-breaking around and was banned, an hour or two later he came to me on team speak and i came to the conclusion that it was his friend that got him banned. I gave him a chance and told him to uninstall whatever it was. He later reported saying that his items were missing. Pending investigation. @sixxy
  8. Mitch


    Families will be able to obtain snipers in the future, although it'll be hard to maintain a steady amount.
  9. Personally, I think it should be longer for players to earn dedicated tiers so it reaches up to its name.
  10. Maybe 40-60g an hour would be fair, or per level it'd increase?
  11. Would be nice to see it turned into a job that pays money to go around lock picking certain vehicles which would basically impound a players vehicle once sold to the chop shop.
  12. Only certain players get an invite to NOOSE at the moment due to recruitment being closed, and yeah some members tend to misbehave but LSPD and NOOSE are a good amount of LEO's needed at the moment due to how they balance each other out in terms of needing backup at certain scenarios or crate facility, despite some hiccups. I wouldn't personally mind perhaps seeing a Government in place, doesn't have to be big and It's just an idea to throw out there. Although it would also be nice to see something new that hasn't really be done before as Matt suggested.