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  1. Hat cant be moved up or down and this tiger sticker cant become thicker like other toys when editing
  2. Hello admins I got those 2custom toys (White Hat and that sticker on bp)yesterday, this aint cheap but those 2toys I took when I start editing them they are too bad and almost not working to apply it on my skin properly like I have imagined. If please, you could remove them from me and add 2 toys that I found and will fit my skin, please, this aint cheap.
  3. Large house with large customized interior , place your offers below...
  4. Thanks to everyone who liked it, feel free for anyone to chill around grove st for some rp
  5. Ey, I dont know where from but your name is so familiar to me from before because I also played SAMP long time ago, good to see you around! welcome
  6. It was a crazy foreign Asian businessman that purchased a house there for vacation and forced to give it and lost his cash