The Brixton Social Club[Business RP]

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The Introduction

The Brixton Social Club is a Gym that is located in Downtown Los Santos just opposite the entrance to the Mulholland Bank parking lot. The Social Club is a premier gym that specialize in multiple martial arts and normal day to day fitness. The Gym has recently reopened after Wade moved back to San Andreas after living back in the UK for a number of years. Back then the Social Club was one of the best gym’s around and was a part of the Brixton network that used to have a couple of different businesses in San Andreas, the Bookies is also a part of this and has recently reopened under the ownership of Benedict Price.


With reopening the gym Wade aims to get back to how it used to be and become the best place around, he has recently employed Andrew Reynolds to run the day to day operations of the gym while Wade runs the business side of things. The gym aims to bring back MMA events and host multiple other events so stay tuned for more on that.


Showcasing the inside of the gym





Wade and Lawrence first meeting



(( The thread is a work in progress and will be updated regularly with roleplay by either myself or other members))

Edited by Wade
Updating and adding roleplay

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8 minutes ago, Matt Honest said:

Awesome! Looking forward to this, is toby price involved lad.

Not as of just yet no, but did have to mention him in the story as Benedict is one of the OG's.

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