The start of a new era! NGG:V (GTA 5)

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We are excited to announce the release date of our new game, GTA:V.

NGG:V offers a complete custom script with various features such as appearance, clothing, inventories, crafting, jobs, skills, and vehicles. All of these features are crafted together with completely custom menus and responsive designs. NGG:V scripting started back on August 12th of 2019. Which means this framework hasn’t seen a full year of development yet but offers smooth and consistent features. The server has been in a testing phase since January 26th, and plenty of bug fixes and patches have been done.

In the last few weeks, we have been tirelessly working to improve our product/service, and we believe that NGG:V will help you enjoy your experience with Next Generation Gaming even more.


So what is NGG:V all about?

The server uses the latest and greatest GTA:V client alt:V with the best synchronization that any client offers. With completely seamless interaction without odd behavior. The server itself can support up to 1,000 players at once and has the potential to go up to 4,000. Unlike RAGE:MP or FiveM, alt:V offers perfect gunplay, movement, and vehicle interactions.

WIll it be similar to SAMP roleplay?

Roleplay is entirely text-based, so you don’t have to worry about your immersion being broken by voice. We also have added all the familiar commands such as your general /me, /do, etc. All players can easily choose the name they want to be seen under in-game. We even allow up to 3 additional characters per account.

What about the economy?

The economic system inside of the server is geared towards a real-life approach. Players may choose to be ultimately afk in-game and earn passive income. Paychecks are given every 5 minutes and consist of around $40.00. They can be cashed in at any ATM or Bank location. These points are known as Reward Points.

Gangs / Businesses

Our server offers all players the opportunity to create their very own gang or business without the restriction of slots or worrying about Administrative interruption in your playtime. Our anti-cheat stops hackers within 5ms. Our commands should seem familiar to those you would find on the original SAMP server. The gang or businesses may also unlock various skills, vehicles, aircraft, etc. to help pursue their needs. Players inside of each gang or corporation may contribute Reward Points to work together and unlock these assets.

Our job system allows us to easily create new jobs in just under 30 minutes of coding or even the players to create their jobs in the future. The job system also allows for multiple individuals to share a job instance, but we do not have any jobs that currently allow this. This is a feature that was added for future jobs such as bank robberies.

Some background information

Ivy, goes by the handle of Stuyk and he's a full-time blockchain engineer (crypto currency) by trade and a game modder, programmer, and designer by night. He's spent time modding games such as Fallout 4 where he learned 3D Design. GTA San Andreas where he learned about working with textures. GTA:V where he's worked with multiplayer clients such as GTA:Network, GTMP, RageMP, and now alt:V. He's used programming languages such as C++, C#, Python, and his favorite language Java Script. He's confident we can push the boundaries of what scripts can do by integrating new ideas and creating a smooth experience for all players.

I'm hooked, when can I play?!

NGG:V will be released on the 3rd of April 2020, you can check the release times by clicking here


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