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I think admins should prioritize fixing bugs more than adding new contents to the servers.

The server is currently swarming with bugs that needs to be fixed asap + false informations

* Old commands that no longer work (from old script) but is yet shown in the game

*Commands that do no work (eg; shipment /claimtruck which used to be /hijackcargo before)

*Blueberry bug (famous bug in old NGG which tp you or your vehicles to blueberry)

*Double exp points( you said this weekend will be a double exp point for everyone. Yet it is not true, nothing happened)

*Houses( Are pretty much half backed and ruffly have any use except for RP reasons. Eg: furniture system, unability to upgrader house capacity of storage)

*False info( when you browse vip perks you see alot and yet you get like half of the perks. So it's either bigged or you should update the perks list) 

I listed what i could remember. 

I really encourage your effort to make the best out of this server but always remember new is not always better. You have to work on what you already have and perfect it.

Best of regards to all NGG staff

Edited by Mike Fleming

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